Growing Resiliency has been validated by the Tutoring Quality Improvement System (TQIS) through the National Student Support Accelerator.

  • The tutoring program has an intentional strategy and supporting systems to build strong, positive relationships between students and tutors.
  • The program has a consistent lesson structure, set instructional routines, and standard procedures to maximize learning; tutor-specific modifications are intentional and informed by student needs.



of students receiving a full tutoring program made 1 to 2.75 years worth of growth in reading.

Sometimes I celebrate the wrong answers, because I tell him that at least he tried. I saw him try so much more! He celebrates when he is right, and when he is wrong, he says “Let’s try it again, I'll do it soon.” Just by believing in him, I was able to make an impact.


When we first started working together, my mentee would just give up when he came to a hard word. Now, he keeps trying and gets upset when I try to help him.