Growing Resiliency, Inc. empowers children to realize that through any challenge and all obstacles, they can—and will—succeed.

Pilot Program Kickoff

A pilot program was initiated in February of 2018, connecting St. Norbert College students as tutors, with children residing at Freedom House homeless shelter. Training for the St. Norbert College students included instruction in techniques and language that encourages a mindset of resiliency.

Growing Resiliency, Inc.
A new nonprofit, supporting at-risk youth

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The Great Sequoia Redwood Trees

The great sequoia redwood trees, whose roots are quite shallow for such a mammoth tree, grow and prosper by entwining their root system together. They hold each other up. They share nutrients. They survive the winds and fires and storms. They survive, and thrive, because of each other and for each other. So does Growing Resiliency. Like the great redwoods, Growing Resiliency works together with in partnerships and collaboration to build a strong community by empowering school agers to prevail against the odds.

Growing Resiliency is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting resiliency in at-risk and underserved youth, enabling them to be the protagonist, the person who takes the lead, in their own life story.

Services currently focus on the Green Bay area and include collaboration with St. Norbert College students, Freedom House homeless shelter, and Green Bay Area Public Schools. The tutors are sourced through St. Norbert College and provide tutoring services to school age children residing in the Freedom House homeless shelter.

How It Works

The first endeavor of Growing Resiliency is a tutoring program. College students are trained in specific techniques and language that encourage a mindset of resiliency. They are then paired with a child or children residing in a local homeless shelter, and tutor them on academics engrained with positive messaging of resiliency: that sustained effort, challenges, mistakes and failures are just stepping stones that will lead to their success.

Why Such a Program?

Because there is a dire need in the Green Bay community. Homeless school agers face challenges that are inconceivable. To be homeless, living in a shelter, and facing poverty, is a heavy burden for anyone, especially children who have little control over their situation. These children need the confidence and positivity to realize that they can, and will, succeed. They need to grow resilient.

Working in Partnership

Academic achievement is impacted by poverty. Unfortunately, the level of children living in poverty continues to be a challenge in the Green Bay area. Tackling this tough issue calls for concerted, collaborative effort between organizations. Growing Resiliency, Inc. aims to join forces with organizations and create a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

Together We Can Do Great Things!